Tired of Corruption, Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Lawlessness??

We live and operate within a community of laws.  When those charged with keeping the laws are the people abusing and ignoring the laws, without consequence, it is time for a grassroots change.

fraud? where?Show me some proof

Breakin the Law, Breakin the Law . . .

When people accept breaking the law as normal, something happens to the whole society.  (Orson Wells)


Hawaii Laws Intentionally Broken and Ignored.


        • Act 136 (Office of Elections)

        • Law 12-21 Unlawful Signature Cards

        • Law 11-17 Extra Ballots sent to Dead and those who moved our of Hawaii

        • Law 16-43 Not enough Observers during voting

        • Law 12-21 Fake barcodes with no link to ballots and no security purpose.

        • Law 12-21 Primary Ballot layout confusing and misleading

        • Law 16-41 Unlawful method of ballot collecting with video evidence

this is a very short list of a few of the most recent violations –

Evidence Ignored by our Legal SystemStatutes (Laws) and Violations
Breakin the Law, Breakin the Law . . .
What does smoke from a volcano mean . . .

What does smoke from a volcano mean . . .

The smoke is a warning . . .  It means that there is a lot going on much deeper down . . .  where you can’t see it, but it is dangerous, life -threatening and sinister.  Ignore it at your own peril.  Smoke is a sign that there is a lot more damage is on the way, and you need to take action NOW! We are only showing a few of the abuses from our politicians and power abusing leaders.  We are just showing “the smoke” to get your attention.  So you will understand that there is a lot more, deeper, and it should not be ignored.

“We The People” determine the direction of our state and country and not the self-chosen, the media protected, the self-installed elite who decide what laws get ignored and which get enforced.

short list of abuses

Is this just about the election?

No.  Klean House Hawaii is non-partisan with members from all political parties.  We are about the  fair and legal representation of all people. The recent election just gave opportunity to show how bad this lawbreaking has become.  It revealed how rampant and nationwide the lawlessness has become. The elite are so media protected, so secure in their political connections and their privileged positions that they just openly break the law with attitude. The lawbreaking is on all sides and is blatant across the nation, but we have to Klean up our own House before worrying about the neighbors.

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A Founding Principal, "The Consent of the Governed"

A Founding Principal, "The Consent of the Governed"

“. . . That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed . . .” 

(The Declaration of the United States of America)

“Implied in the principle of ‘consent of the governed’ is the right to withdraw that consent — to overthrow a regime that abuses the people through tyrannical, arbitrary, incompetent, or unrepresentative rule.” (www.democracyweb.org)

The U. S. has a recent history and tradition of a more non-violent expression of our DEMAND for CHANGE which is lawful protest.

The citizens take to the streets.  We change our government with our fair, counted and lawful vote.  This is being taken away and we need to resist.

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